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Interesting communication from FusionGarage


Logging into my hotmail account to get the details of the sellers for the previous post I checked my Junk Mail folder, as I have my hotmail account’s junk mail setting to only allow whitelisted senders, everything else ends up in the junk mail.

I received an interesting, unexpected and worrying email from FusionGarage. Interesting in its content, unexpected as my order signup was with my gmail account and very worrying as they exposed the email addresses of purchasers to all the email recipients. It seems they are unaware of the BCC feature of email.

Contents of the email:

 From: on behalf of
         Joojoo Support (
 Sent:   Friday, 23 April 2010 12:22:05 PM
 To:     total 64 email accounts

Dear Sir and Madam,
  Thank you for supporting JooJoo.
  We hope to get your feedback about the JooJoo Tablet.
  Please revert back to us want you think of our product.
  Please drop us a line on how your JooJoo is working.

Thank you.


So that pretty much confirms that a total of 64 orders were shipped in the initial batch and everyone that ordered one now knows the paypal email of everyone else.

Well done fusion garage, you’ve just committed a pretty stupid act of oversharing!

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