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I’ve come to realise my mistake. The usb header on the JooJoo’s SSD is not meant for accessing the content of the flash drive but rather for providing a USB HOST port for the USB line provided by the mini-pcie port.

The next attempt to read the SSD will be by trying to find a friend in Brisbane that is willing to let me try the JooJoo SSD in their EEEpc 700/701/900/901, as i’ve got a feeling that because the JooJoo’s SSD has a manufactured date in 2008 its possible that its pin configuration is not in-fact the standard mini-pcie SATA/PATA pinout but the older non-standard FLASH_CON that was used on the older EEEpcs. In that light i’ve ordered a CF card to mini-pcie board that should allow me to test this theory.

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