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Hoarder, I am. Looking Back: The Dual P3-933


Writing the last post got me thinking about my past, I realised that only last month did I finally throw away the Dual P3-933 system. It’s been with me for most of my Adult life.

I was gifted some of the main parts for the system by my parents back when I was in high-school, shortly after my best friend got his own (better) dual cpu system from Dell. I think this was back in 1999, near the end of the year.

I was given by my parents:

  • Dual CPU motherboard.
  • 256Mb RAM, I think it was SD RAM
  • 2x P3 933Mhz
  • Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse

I later purchased a heavy Lian-Li look-a-like case with many drive bays, etc, to hold the system.

I used my own HDDs scraped from other systems to build the PC, which i promptly installed Slackware Linux on and went to work building a custom kernel to get the most out of the SMP system.

My friend on the other hand, earlier in the year, was given a Dell dual-cpu system that was much the same but included the awesome-at-the-time RD-RAM or Rambus RAM which provided amazing performance compared with DDR at the time but wasnt cheap.

Since then that system has seen me through the end of high-school, 3.5 years of university and living overseas in Singapore. It started to loose favour in Singapore when i started getting interested in the Apple Mac platform with my purchase of an old second hand iBook G3 and then a brand new iBook G4, but thats another story.

While living in singapore the system went from my primary desktop, to my backup desktop and finally my home server, a role it continued to play when i moved back to Australia in 2007 and finally came to an end in 2008 when it was replaced with a cheaper system.

Since that time its sat in the garage unused and unloved, as a power hungy, noisy old beat of a computer until i finally let it go to the kurb-side collection last month. It didnt even last 8 hours on the kurb before some trash hunter snatched it away for a possible second life.

Either way I’d say that system certainly had a good life and was well worth the money spent on it.

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