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Begging is not Bargaining


I’ve had my previous MacBook Air for sale up on Gumtree Brisbane now for a few weeks, a few days ago i lowered the price and bumped it up the list. This resulted in while a few enquiries, none more strange than the following. Punctuation is as it was received.

Did you sell yours macbook? > It is still for sale How much, > 800 or make an offer Can you give ,, discount,, Because i don’t havw enough money, but i really want tp buy yours macbook ,, If you can give discount a lot I ll buy today,,

At this point I had a few things to do at home, so i didnt reply right away. Within 5 minutes i had the following messages waiting for me.

R u okay,,? Hell Hello,? O

I decided i would reply, maybe they would be able to meet my price.

How much are you willing to spend? 600,,, if u can give me 600 ,, i m going to buy! Sorry that is too low.

Now it starts to get a little weird, the prospective buyer cant meet my price and starts to beg.

Please,,,,.,, > Sorry i am not willing to sell at 600 How much ,, you want to , > 700 Please,, if you can give me 600 i m going to now,, please > No I cannot do 600 ,,,, i really really want to buy,, Please,,,

An hour later


Another hour later

No 650,,,?

Protip for bargining with a private seller, dont beg. It aint going to help you.

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