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Maid in Singapore


This post is in response to reading Little rest for Singapore’s silent army and then finding out about this maid employer’s blog.

Maids are not as vulnerable as you think. Many maids will agree to a contract with no day off at first, then a few months later they ask for a day off.

Of course! they will ask for a day off after a few months, can you blame them? After working every day for a few months!

Its not the maid being vulnerable, but the maid being naive and the employer being exploitive.

I find the the attitude of an unfortunately large group of Singaporean’s towards domestic workers and their [lack of] fair treatment as human beings abhorrent!

It boggles my mind that up until a few years ago it was possible for a maid to enter into a contract that denied them them a day off and worse that singaporean employers of maids think that this is acceptable. Still today it is acceptable that a maid only be given a single day off per month, when they are expected to work from early morning to late in the night.

Its good to see some of the commenters speaking up.

My God Tamarind!! These guidelines are designed for total control in other words slavery.

Unfortunately, another comes our fighting in response to a rather blunt comment

Are you an employer before to a maid? May I suggest you to come over here to experience our lifestlye for at least a year before posting such comments. Also with that type of language you have written, it reflects what kind of person you are. RUDE! Don’t jump to conclusions without even ever expriencing what we have to go through.

“what we have to go through”

I never knew that having a maid was such a chore, if you don’t like it you can always wash your own clothes, cook your own meals. You parents and your parent’s parents survived this way. Why can’t you?

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