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Brew Smith Kit - Hoppy Heart IPA; My first attempt at home brew


While out shopping for a few things at Biome in Paddington, we chanced upon the Brew Smith home brew kits. On a whim I decided to get the Hoppy Heart IPA kit ($80, it seems that biome put a $10 premium on them, the Brew Smith online store has them at $70) & an additional Chocolate Paradise Porter ingredient mix ($28, again cheaper at Brew Smith - $20). All up $108, or $105 direct from Brew Smith including interstate shipping. Sorry Biome, but if the brews work out, I’ll be ordering the refills online.

Brew Smith Packaging

One of the things that drew me to the kits was the size, or the lack of. The kits are fairly small, only making 4.5L of brew, making them perfect for someone like me with a small apartment.

In the box

The packaging is professional, with the welcome letter a nice touch.

Welcome letter & brochure for cure you're own bacon

Inside the box

All the kit contents

Giving it a go

The instructions in the ingredient bag are easy to follow, but I did still check out a few of the great videos on the site just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

All laid out ready to start

On the boil, followed by the boil-over :(

Malt extract in

The boil over aftermath

It’s now sitting in a cupboard for the next 2 days until the last of the hops go in. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

48 hours later, the magic is happening.

Airlock installed

Will let you know how it tastes in 3 weeks.

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