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Further attempts at futility


All attempts so far have failed.

Reading the SSD: Fail

Secret Term: Fail

Fusion Garage: Fail


So far i’ve tried two different USB based mini pcie to USB readers both with no luck. I’ve even acquired a HP mini note 210 and tried it in the spare slot with no luck. I am beginning to suspect that the SSD may work in an original eeepc given those SSD’s were wired a little different. I’ll need to find someone that will let me borrow their old eeepc (700, 701, 900, 901) and wont mind it being opened up. Its a long shot but its on the only thing I havent tried so far.

Software Attack

This has yielded a lot of information about the inner workings of the JooJoo. Such as mplayer re-branded as fgplayer (GPL violation? my FG forum posts go ignored). Along with the help of a few members we’ve at least been able to posit that the bios is an AmiBIOS EFI based solution with “QuickBoot” which allows the OEM to pre-load a hardware config and boot quickly into it. While disabling the normal BIOS setup menu, USB at bios time, etc features. This has proved painful, but I suspect with a successful software attack to gain root the BIOS issues can be overcome quickly.

Fusion Garage

Once again it appears that the biggest obstacle to the survival and success is FusionGarage and their complete incompetence at customer service and public relations. The forums are evidence enough that trying to bullshit your customers just makes them unhappy with you. FG please, please wake up and realise the device would be much better with your support of the community than just pretending that your device is the best thing on the planet. Its Not. The sooner you realise that and start working with your customers and communicating, the better.

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