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Rant: Can someone else learn things for me? Programmers.SE


This is a rant about people asking questions on a particular subject when a quick google search of the subject would have yielded the answer.

What is the F# language?

I have just learned my first Hello World project in C# and now I have heard there is F#.

I was wondering what is it and how is it different from C#?

Really you couldn’t have googled this?

You’d rather put up a question to the community to have them answer it for you? With that attitude what kind of programmer will you be, this short insight suggests to me you may not possess very good problem solving skills.

As a professional developer its the attitude of asking someone else for the answer to the person’s current problem, rather than understanding it and then asking an informed question, that really annoys me. This annoyance is manyfold, first they learn that they can ask the question and get an immediate answer then becomes standard behaviour and they tend to wait for the answer to the question rather than continuing to research it on their own. Second, they rarely gain understanding, they typically just want the answer and move on, this means when they encounter the issue again they ask the question again.

Simply they are taking shortcuts that dont pay off in the long term and end up being a burden on the team they are in.

Rant & over generalisation over :)

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