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Man, don't blame the tools for your choice in using them


Looks like its that time of year to jump on the bandwagons and blame everything and everyone but yourself.

I refer to this, (MacOS X is an Unsuitable Platform for Web Development)[].

So the author, whom i respect as a blogger, has decided to blame and rant about the tools as opposed to the his choice of tools. The article starts on the right tone talking about the choice to use a Mac over a more appropriate or closer to production platform but then quickly proceeds into a rant about linux development on the Mac.

Hey! Guess What? You’re developing linux apps on a mac, things wont be the same. Thats why we have continuous integration and staging environments.

I agree completely about the state of package managers on mac, they are horrible in comparison to the mature package managers available in the various linux distributions. Although dont forget the choice situation in linux isnt much better, if you are developing to deploy on debian then dont use fedora or suse, they all have different package managers as well.

Are mac’s overpriced, spec for spec, compared with dell and ibm, sure! if you’re only concerned about the initial cost then dont worry, go buy the dell, if you want a machine with a solid operating system rooted in unix and the best graphical interface available today that gets out of the way and allows you to get on being productive then get the mac.

Just get it for the right reason, I’m mostly a .net, windows and developer I use multiple mac at home, but at work i’ve got a dell and i use because thats the platform i deploy into.

At home i use MonoDevelop and mono-2.10, because i like to try out the alternative in something i’m comfortable in. Thats the choice i’ve made, i dont blame mac because i cant reliably run visual studio without virtualisation!

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